Get a $100 off your booking for you and your friend

Share the Boatjump experience

Recommend a friend and receive a $100 discount on your reservation. For every Boatjump recommendation you make, you and your friend will receive a $100 discount. You are our best ambassador, we know it and we want to reward you.

How to claim your reward

When proceeding with their reservation, your friend must inform Boatjump of your reservation code, as well as your name and surname. A discount of $100 will automatically be applied to your second payment and also to your friend's reservation.

Sharing is caring

We want your friends to enjoy the Boatjump experience as well, so we will apply the discount up to 3 times. Earn an

additional discount of up to € 300 for being our ambassador.

Terms & Conditions

- The discount applies to reservations of one week or more.

- The referral reservation must be booked before your second payment is due.

- This promotion will only be accepted if the person recommending a friend is not boarding in the booking of the friend who has been recommended.

- Maximum of 3 referral discounts.

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